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The Aquatic Biology Program is administratively housed in the Department of Biological Sciences. Students may receive a Masters of Science in Biology or in Marine Science, or a Ph. D. in Biology. For graduation, students are required to enroll for 24h (M.S.) or 48h for the Ph. D. Up to 12 h may be transferred towards the M.S. and 24 h can be transferred towards a Ph. D. degree. Each student chooses his/her coursework in consultation with their faculty advisor and thesis advisory committee. A comprehensive examination is required for both M.S. and Ph.D. students and is generally taken after coursework has been completed. Courses may be taken from those in the Biological Sciences and from other departments including Community Health Sciences, Civil Engineering, Geology, Geography, Statistics, and Law. While coursework is important, the emphasis in graduate school is on designing and conducting innovative research. Students are expected to have identified a research project in consultation with their faculty mentor and to have started work on their research proposal/project by the end of their second semester in residence. There are approximately 30 graduate students typically in residence. Approximately 20 are pursuing the Ph. D. Over the past 6 years 26 Ph.D.s and 33 M. S. degrees have been awarded.
The Center for Freshwater Studies (CFS) was established to coalesce interests of UA faculty with expertise in different areas of freshwater studies and to provide a focus and organized structure for interdisciplinary research and education. Currently 25 faculty from units within 4 colleges participate in the CFS and contribute expertise in biogeochemistry, biodiversity, conservation, ecology, geochemistry, geography, geology, hydrology, water policy/law and water resources management.


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