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GIS Facility

The GIS facility within the Department of Biological Sciences at UA maintains a variety of hardware, peripherals, and software for use by students interested in GIS analyses in their research. The primary computer platform, a DELL dimension 4100, has installed the following: ArcGis 8.0 (including all needed modeling and spatial analysis modules), ArcView 3.2, BASINS, Adobe Illustrator 9.0, and Photoshop Elements for use analyzing data and product production. A second DELL computer running NT with ArcView 3.2 is also available as needed. Other available peripherals include: CD writers, Sprintscan 35 and Sprintscan 4000 slide scanners, HP flat-bed scanners, HP 4500N color printer and Polaroid 6000 slide recorder, Digital video camera and video-capture system, as well as a VHS tape recorder and 21” monitor. The lab also has GPS capability with a Trimble GeoExplorer II w/ antenna.

From previous research projects we have developed a substantial spatial database library. The major databases include 1) digital elevation data for all of Alabama; 2) USGS National Land Cover Data for Alabama and adjoining states; 3) hydrography for Alabama (1:24,000); 4) digital topographic maps for Alabama (at various scales); 5) drainage basin delineations and DEMs for many watersheds studied in earlier research efforts; 5) aerial photos of selected areas.

Recent research projects have involved hydrological studies at the Talledega Wetland (Water Budget, E-T analyses), relationship between land cover and Mercury concentrations in fish in Mobile River and Regional comparisons of fish biodiversity.


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